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22 October 2022 _TOP_

*Employment Third Preference Other Workers Category: Section 203(e) of the Nicaraguan and Central American Relief Act (NACARA) passed by Congress in November 1997, as amended by Section 1(e) of Pub. L. 105-139, provides that once the Employment Third Preference Other Worker (EW) cut-off date has reached the priority date of the latest EW petition approved prior to November 19, 1997, the 10,000 EW numbers available for a fiscal year are to be reduced by up to 5,000 annually beginning in the following fiscal year. This reduction is to be made for as long as necessary to offset adjustments under the NACARA program. Since the EW final action date reached November 19, 1997 during Fiscal Year 2001, the reduction in the EW annual limit to 5,000 began in Fiscal Year 2002. For Fiscal Year 2022 this reduction will be limited to approximately 150.

22 October 2022

The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2022, enacted on March 15, 2022, extended the Employment Fourth Preference Certain Religious Workers (SR) category until September 30, 2022. No SR visas may be issued overseas, or final action taken on adjustment of status cases, after midnight September 29, 2022. Visas issued prior to that date will be valid only until September 29, 2022, and all individuals seeking admission in the non-minister special immigrant category must be admitted (repeat admitted) into the United States no later than midnight September 29, 2022.

It was necessary to retrogress the final action date for the China-mainland born Employment-Based Fifth Preference unreserved categories due to heavy demand for numbers, primarily for visa issuances abroad. In addition, sufficient India demand has materialized in the Employment-Based Fifth Preference unreserved categories to require the imposition of a final action date for October. Heavy China-mainland born and India demand along with lower visa number availability for FY-2023 as compared to FY-2021 and FY-2022 has made these corrective actions necessary to keep number use within the maximum allowed under the FY-2023 annual limits. The situation will be continually monitored, and any necessary adjustments made accordingly.

Rapid forward movements of the India E2 final action and application filing dates during FY-2022 were made to maximize number use under the unprecedented high employment limit of 281,507. As a result, heavy applicant demand has materialized and coupled with significantly lower visa number availability for India E2 for FY-2023 as compared to FY-2022, corrective action was required to keep number use within the maximum allowed under the FY-2023 annual limits. The situation will be continually monitored, and any necessary adjustments made accordingly.

JYNNEOS vaccine has been used in a real-world setting for the first time during the 2022 monkeypox (mpox) outbreak, including intradermal administration under a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Emergency Use Authorization.

FMA International is pleased to announce the 2022 FMA Annual Meeting will be held in-person on 19 - 22 October 2022 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. This conference will bring together academicians and practitioners with interests in financial decision-making and provides a forum for presenting new research and discussing current issues in financial management and related topics.

FMA is pleased to announce the 2022 Annual Meeting App. The app allows you to search for sessions, speakers, create profiles and build your own schedule for the conference by choosing sessions you want to attend.

*Note: If you already have the Event Pilot app downloaded and are not able to locate the conference using the code, delete the app and reinstall. Once reinstalled, enter code FMA2022.

Selected participants will be invited to participate in workshops at the 2022 FMA Annual Meeting on Wednesday, 19 October 2022 where they will present their papers/research idea, engage in discussion, and receive feedback from senior researchers. Participants agree to integrate feedback gained from these workshops into their papers within 9 months and send back to the senior faculty leaders for additional mentorship and support.

Click here to view video recordings from the Virtual Seminar Series.Click here to view video recordings from the Student Virtual Seminar Series.Click here to view select videos & presentations from the 2022 Conferences.

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R 161449Z Sep 22MARADMIN 472/22MSGID/GENADMIN/CMC WASHINGTON DC MRA MM//SUBJ/OCTOBER 2022 PROMOTIONS FOR STAFF NONCOMMISSIONED OFFICERS (SNCOS) AND NOVEMBER 2022 PLANNED PROMOTIONS FOR SNCOS//REF/A/MSGID: DOC/CMC/MMPR-2/YMD: 20120614//REF/B/MSGID: MSG/CMC/DTG: 081912ZJUN20//REF/C/MSGID: MSG/CMC/PPO/DTG: 222100ZOCT21//REF/D/MSGID: DOC/CMC/MI/YMD: 20040604//REF/E/MSGID: DOC/CMC/MIO/YMD: 20080819//REF/F/MSGID: DOC/CMC/MPP/YMD: 20220912//NARR/REF A IS MCO P1400.32D W/CH 2, ENLISTED PROMOTION MANUAL. REF B IS MARADMIN 334/20, FORTHCOMING CHANGES TO MCO P1400.32D, MARINE CORPS PROMOTION MANUAL, VOLUME 2, ENLISTED PROMOTIONS. REF C IS MARADMIN 612/21, SUPPLEMENTAL GUIDANCE (2) TO MANDATORY COVID-19 VACCINATION OF MARINE CORPS ACTIVE AND RESERVE COMPONENTS. REF D IS MCO 5000.14D, MARINE CORPS ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES (MCAP). REF E IS MARINE CORPS TOTAL FORCE SYSTEM PERSONNEL REPORTING INSTRUCTION USERS MANUAL (MCTFSPRIUM). REF F IS MPP-20 STAFF NONCOMMISSIONED OFFICER PROMOTIONS.//POC/STEPHANIE J. MAXWELL/MAJ/MMPR-2/TEL: DSN 278-9711/EMAIL: STEPHANIE.MAXWELL@USMC.MIL//POC/CYRUS J. WILLIAMS/MSGT/MMPR-2/-/TEL: DSN 278-9718/EMAIL: CYRUS.J.WILLIAMS1@USMC.MIL//GENTEXT/REMARKS/1. Marines and Unit Leaders will receive a notification via Marine On Line (MOL) informing them of Marines who meet all prerequisites for promotion and subsequently will be promoted with a date of rank and effective date of 1 October 2022.2. Upon receipt of this Marine Administrative Message (MARADMIN) and posting of the notification via MOL, but not prior to 1 October 2022, Commanders will effect the promotion of selected Marines per paragraph 5100 of reference (a). Cite this MARADMIN as authority for promotion.3. Per reference (b), Marines who are selected to the ranks of SSgt through SgtMaj/MGySgt, to include meritorious promotions, must have at least 24-months of obligated service (OBS) remaining on contract on the date of their promotion. If the Marine refuses to extend or reenlist to have sufficient obligated service, inform CMC(MMPR-2) of the Marine's refusal.3.a. Marines (except SSgt selects who will reach their seniority number on 1 October 2022) who do not comply with OBS requirements prior to their seniority number being reached will receive a date of rank and effective date for the 1st of the following month after compliance with OBS requirements.3.b. Commanders are authorized to locally extend Marines whose seniority number will be reached on 1 October 2022 or projected tobe reached on 1 November 2022. Marines will receive a notification via MOL informing them that they are not in compliance with the OBS requirement and will not be promoted to the next higher grade. Unit Career Planners or other unit representatives completing the NAVMC 321a must cite this MARADMIN as the authority. Only the Commanding Officer or those serving in an acting capacity may sign the NAVMC 321a as the Administering Officer. Commanding Officers are not authorized to extend those Marines with draw case code (DCC) of AF, AH, AX, or AY. Marines with those DCCs must submit their extension for promotion to MMEA (HQMC) via the Total Force Retention System for appropriate action. Marines on limited duty or pending evaluation by a PEB may not be extended using this authority.4. Per reference (a), paragraph 1203.4, the enlisted promotion system has no medical prequisite for promotion. Commands should contact MMPR-2 to verify promotion status when a Marine's seniority number is reached. 5. Per reference (c), a Marine is not considered to have "refused the vaccine" until final adjudication of any administrative or medical exemption, religious accommodation or pending appeal and is therefore eligible for promotion. 6. Commanders are reminded of their inherent responsibilities of the Enlisted Promotion System. Thoroughly review the record of each selected Marine prior to delivery of the certificate of appointment to ensure the Marine has continued to maintain the high standards of professional and personal performance which led to selection. You are instructed to review paragraphs 1200.4, 1204, and 3107 of reference (a). Upon completion of the review of applicable records, if the Commander's intent is to delay or revoke the promotion of a selected Marine, reference (a) provides specific guidance and reporting instructions.7. Reference (d), enclosure (3) states that Commanders are responsible for the accuracy of their Marines records, regardless of the format of the information (paper records, MCTFS records, etc.) and the locations of the records (mainframe databases, IPAC, etc.). Per reference (e), when a Marine is promoted above the grade ceiling for the PMOS held, Commanders will change the Marines PMOS to the career progression MOS.8. Commanders who have Marines attached to their command/unit/det in a temporary additional duty status must seek concurrence from the Marine's parent command prior to effecting the promotion.9. The numbers listed below indicate the senior number promoted the previous month and the total number of Marines to be promoted for the current month per reference (f). However, the numbers may not always add up. This is due to Marines selected noncompetitively (WO, MECEP selects) who are assigned a seniority number with an alpha letter, Marines who are discharged, and Marines in a promotion restriction status.10. STATUS OF FY 2022 SNCO PROMOTION LISTS: NUMBER SENIOR NO. OCT 22 LAST NUM PROJECTEDGRADE SELECTED PROM SEP 22 PROM FOR OCT 22 FOR NOV 22SgtMaj/MGySgt 324 236 47 284 221stSgt/MSgt 1126 874 194 1066 59GySgt 1845 742 250 987 250SSgt (Note 1) 0 500 (Note 1) 500 Note 1: To be determined when SSgt Selection board list is approved. Upon release of the FY 2022 Approved Selections to Staff Sergeant, SSgt selects whose seniority number will be reached 1 October 2022, will have 30 days to obtain the two-year obligated service per reference (b) in order to receive a date of rank of 1 October 2022.11. For Enlisted Promotion matters call comm (703) 784-9718 or DSN 278-9718. Email inquiries may be submitted to: enlistedpromotions(@) Click on compatibility view settings in the options menu, and ensure that display intranet sites is unchecked. This MARADMIN will be posted to the Promotion Branch website:, select "Active Marine," "Manpower Management (MM)," "Promotion Branch," then "Enlisted Promotions." From there, to find this MARADMIN: click on "message traffic," then "Staff Noncommissioned Officer (SNCO) messages."12. Release authorized by MajGen Michael J. Borgschulte, Director, Manpower Management Division.// 041b061a72


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