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How To: Find Block Names In Moodle Database Set Default layout BETTER

To amend the default block layout for new courses, one or more of the following lines (omitting the forward slashes) from config-dist.php may be added to config.php, amending the block names as required.

How to: find block names in Moodle database set default layout

For example, to set the default block layout for topics format courses to People, and Tags on the left, and Messages, Online users and Recent activity on the right, simply add the following line to your config.php file:

Warning: This script may change the layout of your course pages and also remove blocks from those pages if they have not been specified in the config.php line. Check which of your courses has blocks which are not in the config.php line and be prepared to spend time adding blocks to your course pages again. Please note that a database backup is recommended before using the script.

An administrator or manager (or other user with the capability moodle/my:configsyspages) can set the default blocks for all users from Administration > Site administration > Appearance > Default Dashboard page.

An administrator or manager (or any other user with the capability moodle/user:managesyspages) can add additional blocks onto the default profile page for all users from Administration > Site administration > Appearance > Default profile page. Blocks can be added to the left, right or middle of the page.

The Quickmail block is added by default to all modules using the City Course Format. Quickmail provides quick access to basic but essential mail options. It allows lecturers and course officers to email all or a group of students on a module. If you are not using City Course Format you will find directions below on how to add a Quickmail block to your module. 350c69d7ab


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