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Free Apex Legends Cheat | Apex-NB 2022 [PORTABLE]

I accidentally created a situation where a couple I'd created broke up because they had different life aspirations and the woman found a new man who she married and had kids with but since I had free will all the way up she kept going back to her ex because they were still technically soulmates? Anyway, I decided I wanted to keep the three of them together so I cheated to give both parts of the married couple the Player trait so that nobody would get jealous (traits.equip_trait trait_Player). It worked and now all three of them are able to do all the romantic interactions to the point that now the married couple are also both dating the third part of their poly couple. For good measure since I had the Get Together expansion I also added them all to a closed club that had them all have romantic interactions with each other but even before that nobody was jealous and they were all in relationships so all well that ends well.

Free Apex Legends Cheat | Apex-NB 2022



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