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Where To Buy Airbrush Makeup Kit In Stores

The Art of Air airbrush makeup system is widely loved by makeup pros, and has garnered over 3,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. It comes with everything you need to try professional-quality airbrush makeup for the first time: an airbrush and compression system, six different foundations, makeup for contouring and cleanser to use when you finish. "Though reluctant to use it, I gave it a try and found I loved the way it made my skin feel," a reviewer reported. "No heavy liquid makeup mask, just a thin, moist spray of color." If you have a dry complexion, take note: this formula can be drying on skin.

where to buy airbrush makeup kit in stores

If you want to try out airbrush makeup but you're not looking to splurge, this Sephora spray might be your best option. The coverage is buildable and you can customize it based on your needs. "I love that it is lightweight with the option to build coverage without looking cakey or feeling heavy," a reviewer says. "I felt pretty in my skin and almost forgot I was wearing foundation." While many users had no issue applying, a few noted difficulties when pressing down on the spray nozzle.

The Belloccio airbrush system has some reviewers so impressed with their results that they're ditching their concealer, which is why it's a great go-to option for everyday use. "I decided to try this because I've noticed I've had problems hiding dark circles and settling makeup in the eye area," a reviewer commented. "I've been able to wear just the Belloccio foundation instead of two types of concealer plus foundation. I'm still amazed!" As with any system, test it before you get started applying; a few reviewers had trouble with the compressor.

For truly natural-looking airbrush makeup that's almost effortless to use, the Tickled Pink Airbrush kit delivers. "It truly is wonderful and looks so natural," says one reviewer. "It has a dewiness to it, but is not oily and stays put." It comes with detailed instructions in a handy guide to make it easy for beginners. One thing to note: it has limited shades so it may not work on all skin tones.

In addition to being an all-in-one makeup kit (it includes foundation, blush, eyeshadow, highlighter and eyebrow products), this airbrush set from Dinair will soften your skin, instead of potentially drying it out as some airbrush products can do. This is due to the formula being water-based, which allows it to nourish while providing color coverage, which is ideal for mature skin types. Reviewers love that the formula is sheer and has a natural finish, although it can take trial and error to find your perfect match. "It does take some playing to get the exact shade you want, but once done, it is a better match than I've ever had before," shares one user.

This Aeroblend airbrush makeup kit includes multiple shades so that you can customize your perfect mix. It also lasts all day without exacerbating oiliness and breakouts. "I have been simply amazed by the results," one reviewer writes. "Not only has it improved my appearance after application, all while feeling like I'm not wearing makeup at all, but Aeroblend has also had the added bonus of helping to clear up my complexion." Just an FYI, this system was reported to have occasional issues with the compressor getting clogged.

Airbrush makeup isn't just for your face; this Sally Hansen spray formula created for legs can be used for coverage all over your body. Applying airbrush makeup to exposed skin, like legs and arms, can help camouflage any problem spots and create an all-over even, glowing skin tone. "I wore this all day and it never rubbed off, even when I sweated," one reviewer marveled. Just be sure to let it fully dry before getting dressed to prevent staining on clothing.

Why trust us? To save you time and money, we have put in over 50 hours, researching, testing and reviewing the most popular airbrush makeup products around. Scroll down to find our airbrush makeup reviews!

It is very user-friendly, and even if you are a complete beginner when it comes to airbrush makeup, you will find it easy to use this system as it has a very comprehensive instruction guide. Of all the models we tested, it was the easiest kit to clean.

Using an airbrush is a common method of applying cosmetics, paint and coloring illustrations. A makeup airbrush may be slightly different from those used in the automotive industry, for example, for painting cars. This is due to several reasons, including the lower viscosity of makeup and therefore the pressure requirement.

Similarly, the foundation formulas are different in each airbrush makeup kit. These are the things we think you should consider when buying an airbrush kit, so that you choose the best airbrush makeup kit for you.

Just like regular cosmetics, each makeup brand and product will have a slightly different formula, as when it comes to makeup, one size does not fit all. Different occasions will require different levels of makeup resilience and therefore, a different type of makeup, so consider when you will use your airbrush makeup. There are several different types of airbrush makeup that have different formulations and levels of resilience.

Airbrush makeup kits are very easy to clean. Many sets include an airbrush cleaning solution. For a simple daily clean, once you have emptied the airbrush foundation from the stylus, put a few drops of the cleaning solution in the reservoir, then gently hold a tissue against the nozzle and pull the trigger.

This will cause the solution to bubble, cleaning the inside of the stylus. Do this for a few seconds then bring the tissue away from the nozzle and let the solution flow out. You can repeat this stage if necessary, but if you do this daily and you use water based airbrush makeup, this should clean up quickly.

We decided the best airbrush foundation brand is the Art Of Air kit. It is easy to apply and feels soft and lightweight on your skin. The next best airbrush makeup kit is the Tickled Pink 5 Steps kit.

It is best to use makeup that is specifically designed for airbrushing in an airbrush. If you do use regular makeup, you may have to water it down first. Using regular foundations therefore may give you a poor finish. However, you can mix different foundation shades to perfectly match your skin tone.

Airbrush makeup is applied using an airbrush compressor and stylus, while traditional makeup is applied using brushes, sponges, or your fingertips. We believe airbrush makeup is best for both daily wear and for special occasions as it is a more hygienic makeup application and feels lightweight, yet it lasts many hours.

We have been developing our airbrush makeup coverage for over 35 years to be able to provide you with unexpectedly amazing results. We began Airbrushing Makeup in film and television. Through our worldwide workshops, Dinair makeup artists were doing movie stars, brides, flawless corrective coverage before the imitators began. Dinair is the gold standard for airbrush makeup.

Unlike traditional makeup, airbrushing sprays a fine mist so the makeup blends evenly on the skin. Our foundations provide the flawless coverage of your preference (from sheer to opaque) and minimizes skin imperfections. The result is a beautiful and natural finish.

Whenever I think of airbrush makeup, I go back to my freshman year of college. One of my best friends had a high-maintenance roommate, who would blast her airbrush makeup machine at 7 a.m. every morning before heading to class. Back then, my bestie complained about how she hated that airbrush machine. And as any best friend would, I, too, hated her airbrush makeup kit in solidarity.

As a lover of mineral makeup, I was excited to try it in airbrush form. The Mineral Air device also charges with a provided USB cord. After it was juiced-up and ready to use, I shook up the small vial of foundation before filling up the reservoir (located under the black flap on top of the device) with about four or five drops of foundation, closed the tab, and then pressed down on the button on top of the device to release the air stream.

Luckily, you can make your traditional foundation do double duty. Traditional foundation is way too thick for an airbrush on its own. But you can mix some of your favorite foundation with an airbrush makeup thinner to use it with your airbrush machine.

Hello,I love to reach your blog. Very informative and helpful. Everything has represented in a pretty good way. This helped me to learn all the amazing tips about airbrush makeup. Thanks for sharing.. It works really well for me.

ProAiir 'Zombie' colors are perfect for creating fright night favorites! Awesome, unusual colors that stand up to all the rigors of a night on the town or an evening of scares. A favorite of haunters everywhere! Quality and affordable. Always made fresh and long shelf life. Your zombies want their makeup to last a life time, this is it!

Airbrush makeup is an advanced technique that uses compressed air to spray a mist of makeup on your skin. It offers flawless skin by providing a natural finish and even skin tone. The best airbrush makeup kits make you look charming, mimicking a natural layer on your skin, concealing all the imperfections. Airbrush makeup performs well, lasts long, and provides impeccable smoothness. If you want to try some airbrush kits, here are some carefully picked airbrush makeup kits that will make you appear gorgeous. Check them out below!

This foundation set by Art Of Air comes with an airbrush compressor, an airbrush, blush, bronzer, foundation, highlighter, an airbrush cleaner, a carry bag, and an anti-aging primer. This cosmetic airbrush and compressor system is for professional and personal use. It provides weightless makeup for different skin tones.

Get a fast, easy, and flawless makeup look in minutes with this professional airbrush makeup kit. It is available in a range of 17 foundations for fair, medium, tan, and dark tones. The kit includes an anti-aging moisturizing primer blush, a shimmer, a bronzer, an airbrush cleaner, and cosmetic storage and carrying bag. 041b061a72


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